A day at Quest

Morning meeting: Merger of two companies

Went to the gym in the morning before I came in to the office shortly after eight in the morning. In the first meeting of the day we made a final reviewed of the material to be presented concerning a merger of two companies. A list of key questions to be asked to the CEO of one of the companies was developed. The planned meeting is a starting point for the discussion of a merger of two companies and the aim is to get initial insight into potential synergies that can be realized.

The meeting then takes place just outside Stockholm in the client’s boardroom together with the CEO and continues for two hours, giving us enough information about the company’s business to build an initial view of the synergies. The next step will be to arrange a similar meeting with the other company’s CEO to build a complete view of the potential synergies.

Lunch at Berns

We are getting back to the office just in time for lunch at Berns Asian restaurant with some of the colleagues who are not located at clients’ offices. I love that our office is located in the center of Stockholm with lots of good restaurants and shopping nearby. It makes my life easy and enjoyable.

Afternoon meeting: Team work to develop proposal

I have just enough time to summarize our meeting minutes from the morning before a meeting with one of the Partners of our firm regarding a quote for a management consulting engagement. Last week, the same Partner gave an internal presentation of the relevant methodology after which we developed the project approach together in the team. During today’s meeting we discuss the material so far, time plan and the pricing of the project. In the end of the week we are going to present our approach to the client.

End of day: Support to the CEO of a venture

I finish the day off by helping the CEO of one of our ventures summarizing a legal memorandum which is going to be presented at the next board meeting. Next week I am joining two of our Partners to Dubai to evaluate potential strategic partners and investors for the Middle East region.


When packing my bag to leave the office I reflect on my day. It is days like these that make me enjoy my work so much; a mix of our three business segments, a combination of individual assignments and team work and that the senior Partners of the firm involve us in high level issues. These are some of the reasons why I see myself long-term at Quest.