Full service provider

Through our unique combination of skills we have, in addition to our management and corporate finance service offering, been active as advisors and investors in a number of industrial ventures. Quest Group offers a unique combination of the owner’s perspective in terms of corporate finance and strategy and the ability to implement operational effectiveness and efficiency. We are thus a full service provider that may support you, as an entrepreneur or investor in a venture, with everything you need to support your company and make it a success. You make the decisions, we take on your challenges, secure results and ensure that your time plan is met.

Close partnerships

In close client partnerships we ensure capital funding and establish the necessary operational and commercial platform. In some ventures, Quest supports in specific areas as required and in others, Quest invests and takes on a long-term role where we may fill complete functional responsibilities until the exit of the venture.

Flexible fee structure

Almost by definition, ventures rarely have the cash needed to employ top tier professional services. Often, these companies lack capital as well as a certain management competences required for successful commercialization and industrialization. For this reason Quest Group offers its services with a flexible professional fee structure consisting of fixed fees, success fees and equity.

An international focus with access to China

Quest Group has been active in China during the last decade and has developed strong industrial and political relations in the country. In February 2011, Quest Group signed an agreement with the Investment Association of Emerging Industries within NDRC (National Development and Reform Commission) whereby Quest Group is China’s primary source of investments in emerging Swedish technologies.

Quest Group seeks to develop ventures with international growth ambitions and significant market potential. As a consequence, several ventures in the portfolio have been energy related, although other ventures with a long term value potential are of interest. Quest Group has strong industrial relationships in several high growth regions of the world.

Examples of ventures

Examples of ventures in our current portfolio are Azelio, Global Tank Storage and Beyond / Living.

In addition to our ventures we have developed partnerships with global commodity brokers and traders supporting clients in the petroleum industry.

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