Access to China

Quest Group has been active in China during the last decade and has developed a strong industrial and political network in the country. China is experiencing extreme growth at the same time as it is a complex business environment based on relationships, partnership set-ups as well as a different business logic. Business is based on trust between individuals, trust that take years to build. Quest Group has invested several years to build a trustworthy position with its partners in China.

To facilitate and service our clients and engagements, Quest Group has a Chinese team based in Beijing and Shanghai complementing our Swedish team.

Cooperation agreement with the NDRC

In February 2011, Quest Group signed an agreement with the Investment Association of Emerging Industries within NDRC (National Development and Reform Commission) whereby Quest Group is China’s primary source of investments in new Swedish technologies.

China related services

  • Facilitate the expansion into China for industrial companies and ventures
  • Facilitate commercial progress by utilizing political support as well as a client network
  • Find industrial partners to set up a complete supply chain or manufacturing facility
  • Reduce sourcing costs by analyzing the commodity categories and identifying relevant suppliers
  • Identify Chinese investors or buyers for your business
  • Marketing of your business by maximizing the exposure given a limited defined budget
  • Coordinate add-on investments
  • Manage technology transfers
  • Manage complete multi-functional programs

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