Examples of typical situations when our services are requested:

Need to determine your profitable growth strategy?

Your strategic issues may involve questions such as;

  • Are we in the right markets targeting the right customers?
  • Do we support our market with the appropriate products and/or technologies?
  • How do we brand our products or services? Should we spend more on marketing and if so how?
  • Do we need to acquire a competitor?
  • What about China – is this a way to reduce our supply costs or a market potential for us? How do we approach China?
  • How do I assure that we offer enough innovation in our products and services?
  • Do you see an un-realized potential in the After Market i.e. Spare Parts and Services?

Many of your strategic issues requires fact based analysis as well as experience from other similar situations (to learn from the good and bad examples). Quest provides fact based analyses and conclusions to-the-point (without having to over analyze the issue). It is a natural part of our approach to work with the client from start to end. We ensure that we meet as many of the people in the client organization as possible to capture as much experience as possible. When well structured facts are presented, interactive workshops take place to ensure that facts are interpreted in the right way, conclusions are drawn and decisions are taken.

Feel alone as a CEO – need someone to purely discuss your strategic issues with?

Sometimes you do not need an extensive analysis, but someone experienced to have as a sparring partner to discuss, validate or structure your strategic thinking with. Quest can support you during a specific intense period – or continuously – as a sparring partner.

Lacking capacity and the future global footprint & strategy of your operations to be able to make required investment decisions?

  • What are the demand scenarios that you foresee and what is the un-certainty of these?
  • What should be your future delivery capability in terms of volumes, mix, flexibility and leadtimes – globally and by region?
  • How should your operational footprint be designed?
  • Where should you locate your manufacturing units, regional supply centers and R&D centers?
  • Quest helps you to define the appropriate Operational Strategy & Structure for the entire value chain.

Having difficulties with your Product Development & Innovation?

  • Need to improve your Time To Market or lacking the “Innovation Edge”?
  • Experiencing that the assortment is getting “out of hand” with lack of commonality or modularization?
  • Is there a lack of understanding and collaboration between Marketing and Operations?

Quest supports you in building a highly creative, collaborating, coordinated and efficient Product Creation Process from Intelligence to Product Industrialization, including Product Planning, Project Portfolio Planning and the Stage Gate Development Process. We help you develop working models that have the edge while being pragmatic enough for your organization to work with.

Thinking of Acquiring a Company or Merge? Need additional funds?

Quest supports you in the strategic due diligence phase, during the transaction and after to realize the value and synergies (post merger integration). Quest provides financial advisory and execution support services covering acquisitions, mergers, leveraged buy-outs and divestments. Thus, we are a full service provider taking complete responsibility to ensure successful Fund Raising (i.e. Private Placements, IPOs, etc). We take on your challenges, make them happen and ensure that your time plan is met

Need to Improve your Operational Performance?

  • Need to raise the capacity without increasing the personnel or fixed costs?
  • Are leadtimes too long?
  • Is the Inventory Turn Over too low?
  • Do you need to raise Marketing & Sales Efficiency?
  • Do you see a potential in lowering your Sourcing Costs?

Quest supports you in ensuring High Performance in all parts of the value chain (Marketing & Sales, R&D, Procurement, Manufacturing, Distribution and After Market Service & Parts Management). We work with your processes whether you are in the service industry, banking or manufacturing. We see Lean as one of many tools when we work together with our clients to implement new efficient processes with less variations.

Lacking an efficient Decision Making Structure and Management Control & Reporting?

Quest helps you to ensure that the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are used and linked all the way from the management team to operative staff. We ensure that KPI results are evaluated in appropriate forum with the right participants having done proper preparations in advance. We make sure that your meeting structure becomes clear with less, but more efficient, meetings.

Starting up a new company/venture? Need help in realizing your vision of the venture?

Quests supports you in developing a sound and professional Business Plan, the Funding Process, Setting up the neccessary Operational and Commercial Infrastructure, Interim Management, Exit Preparation and Execution (incl IPO support). We are thus a full service provider that may support you, as an entrepreneur or large investor in a venture, with everything needed to lift your company and make it a success. You make the decisions, we take on your challenges, make them happen and ensure that your time plan is met.

Does customer profitability vary greatly? Is there a need to adjust the pricing strategy?

  • The pricing model can be used to drive several dimensions e.g. growth, profitability, cash release and the strategic position.
  • Quest analyzes the customer profitability and clarifies which of your customers that are profitable and the underlying drivers.
  • Quest ensures focus on the customers and parameters that provides the greatest result.
  • Quest supports you in developing a pricing strategy that leads to consistent long-term profitable growth and is implementable.
  • Quest supports you in defining and implementing a Customer Management Process that enables your sales organization and Key Account Management to drive results in line with targets.
  • Quest sets up KPIs, meeting structures and tools that ensure follow-up and continuous improvement of the commercial interface.

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