Quest Group is unique

Quest Group delivers integrated services covering three segments; Management Consulting, Corporate Finance and Industrial Ventures. Quest Group is thus a full service provider offering a unique combination of applying the owner’s perspective in terms of corporate finance & strategy and true ability to implement operational effectiveness and efficiency. Quest Group has truly filled a gap in the professional services industry.

Unique people

Professional services are about people. Regardless of which firm you choose as your partner, you need to find people who you trust, enjoy working with and find capable of delivering top tier quality on-time.

It should be an enjoyable experience working with us. We strongly believe that the values of a firm and its people are reflected in the performance and the interaction with its clients. Our ambition is to be perceived as highly professional and result-oriented yet humble, pragmatic and adaptable. We recruit high performers who are balanced as human beings. These human beings are not easily found and that is one of the reasons why we grow selectively focusing quality, not quantity.

Owner perspective

We believe that owners are important and the foundation of companies – this is reflected in our actions. When we take on a new venture, we place ourselves in the owner’s position and take risk. We invest capital if needed and we invest in people to make sure that the venture is successful. Our view is that owners care more and are more committed. Therefore it is our ambition that all staff members of Quest Group shall be shareholders of our firm.


Our team consists of selected experienced people from world class industries, management consultancies and investment banking, each with a functional expertise covering the entire value chain from corporate finance & strategy to results orientated implementation.

Exceptional dedication

The experience from working with us is different – our dedication to client satisfaction is exceptional. We know that this is a bold statement and cannot be proven by purely stating it – it must be experienced. We know that we need to earn your trust, as we have done in all our previous engagements. Most of our engagements have been initiated through references across industries.

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