There are several unique elements in the delivery of our management consulting services.

Selectively chosen analyses to initiate action

We believe that advice shall be concrete and that it shall lead to actions promptly. We deliver experienced professionals who perform selectively chosen, fact based, analyses that are sufficient to initiate actions.

Hands-on solutions based on experience from the corporate world

Our clients are interested in results, which is a consequence of implemented hands-on solutions. What kind of people can develop hands-on solutions? – People who has been part of the “reality” in the corporate world and seen the challenges first hand and been forced to live with the consequences of their, and others, decisions.

Quest Group engages its people in developing industrial companies in its venture segment. As an example, we dedicated a handful of our personnel during several years to develop an international stirling technology based solar energy company. We believe that you as a client should trust your greatest challenges to a partner that is able to combine top tier functional capability with hands-on experience.

Our capabilities within Management Consulting can be summarized in below bullets.

Strategy & Innovation

  • Corporate Strategy and Planning
  • Marketing & Sales Strategy and Planning
  • Brand Strategy and Planning
  • Pricing Strategy and Planning
  • Product & Technology Strategy and Planning
  • Operational Strategy and Planning
  • Sourcing Strategy and Planning

Product & Service Creation Process

  • Market, Competitor & Technology Intelligence
  • Product & Technology Planning
  • Project Portfolio Planning
  • Concept Development
  • The Stage Gate Product Development Process
  • Product Maintenance
  • Product Phase In/Industrialization
  • Product Phase Out

High Performing Operations

  • Operational Structures and Footprints
  • Marketing & Sales Performance
  • Sourcing & Purchasing Performance
  • Manufacturing Performance
  • Distribution Performance
  • After Market Service Performance

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